4 Things You Should Consider When Choosing A Pet Boarding Facility

Posted on: 16 June 2015

Several years ago, it became popular for pet owners to take their furry friends with them while traveling for pleasure or for business. However, many people have realized that this isn't necessarily the best choice for their pets. Air travel, for instance, can be particularly hard on pets because airlines generally require that they ride in the cargo hold. Pet friendly hotels exist in all parts of the world, but they usually have regulations against leaving pets alone in the rooms -- and this can create hardships for those who are traveling on business. Fortunately, a number of excellent pet boarding facilities exist. Following are four ways to ensure that you've found the best possible pet boarding facility for your pet to stay so that you can travel knowing that your friend is in good hands.

1. Will They Let You Tour the Facilities?

If a boarding kennel won't allow you to tour the facilities, take your business elsewhere. However, showing up after-hours and asking for a tour isn't a good idea -- always make this request during the kennel's posted operating hours. A good kennel will be happy to show prospective customers around.

2. Is the Place Clean and Relatively Odor-Free?

Slight animal odors are to be expected in boarding kennels, but if the smell is strong or overwhelming, that's a sure sign that things aren't as clean as they should be. Bedding materials should appear clean and adequate, and drinking water should be clear and free of debris.

3. Is the Paperwork Sufficiently Detailed?

Although no one really enjoys filling out paperwork, a good kennel requires customers to provide necessary information about the health and temperament of their pets, the name and contact information of veterinarians, and an agreement to allow kennel personnel to seek any necessary medical treatment for your pet in the event of illness or injury.

4. Are There Separate Dog Runs for Large and Small Breeds?

Large and small breeds should never be put into a dog run together because of the risk of injury to dogs that are too small to defend themselves. Pack behavior often takes over when dogs are grouped together. You should have the option of requesting that your dog be placed in the exercise area alone or with one or two other dogs close to its size.

If you have a elderly or special-needs pet, a boarding facility at a local veterinarian clinic may be a better option than a standard kennel.


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