3 Cool Grooming Ideas For Your Dog

Posted on: 23 June 2015

When you're taking your dog to the groomer, you're probably not thinking about what your dog is going to look like. You might be more concerned with whether or not they will shed less when they're groomed or if they are going to throw up in your car. However, the way that your dog looks can heavily reflect on you as an owner. In order to make sure that your dog looks as good as possible and reflects your personality, consider these three grooming ideas.

1. Mohawk - for Curly Haired Dogs

Your groomer has the power to give your dog a mohawk that stays for months without needing any gel or other products. Your dog will need hair that is in tight curls for this style to work. First, your groomer will determine where the mohawk will go, as well as how wide it is going to be. He or she will mark this area and then cut the areas around it down so that the area stands out. This will give your dog the appearance of having a mohawk.

2. Top Braids - for Long Haired Dogs

Another option is to have your dog groomer braid in small beads. This style works only with long haired dogs. Your groomer will trim all of the other areas of your dog normally, but leave the top very long and shaggy. Once everywhere has been trimmed, the groomer will braid in beads, knotting your dog's hair so that the beads won't get loose. If you want this style, you will need to check with your groomer. He or she might have the beads on hand, but will likely ask you to bring in the type of beads that you would like. Go to a craft store and try to find plastic beads in the shapes and colors you want. Look for beads with larger holes to make your groomer's job easier. 

3. Colors - for All Dogs

Finally, there are a number of perfectly safe dog hair coloring products that are currently on the market, or your dog groomer might suggest simply using a drink powder mixed with water if you want more vibrant colors. Using either of these options is a great way to add color to your dog's fur and make him or her stand out. Make sure that you have a desired design before you meet with the groomer.

For more information and ideas, talk to your dog's groomer (like those at Rush Animal Care Clinic PC) today.


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