How To Prepare Your Aggressive Dog For The Vet

Posted on: 2 September 2015

If you have an undersocialized or aggressive dog, you may be apprehensive to bring them to the vet. If you have adopted an anxious dog from a rescue environment, this might be from no fault of your own. It is up to you to get your dog to a calmer state so that they can have their health evaluated. Here are four things that you can do to keep your dog's aggressive behavior in check and prepare them for veterinarian visits.

1. Spay and Neuter Your Dogs

One of the best ways to calm your dog's aggression levels is through spaying or neutering. Hormones can be strong and will cause behaviors that are entirely out of your dog's control. If your dog will be in a home and family environment, they will be happier and more calm overall. Bringing your dog to the vet if they are in heat can cause adverse behaviors and aggression that could easily be avoided.

2. Socialize Through Training and Daycare

Sometimes dogs just need practice being around other pets and people. If you dog is cooped up in your home most of the day and only interacts with you, other interactions might make them nervous and act out. It is up to you to get in socialization for your dog. You can start small with short leashed walks and move on to dog parks or daycare depending on how well your dog progresses.

3. Troubleshoot With Your Vet

If you can meet with your vet ahead of time to go over your dog's aggression issues, they might have tips to help. They might offer up mood stabilizers that you can administer before the visit. If you can bring your dog's favorite treats to keep them happy and preoccupied, this might help as well. For some procedures, dogs can be put under anesthesia which will be safer for your vet and your dog.

4. Muzzles and Restraints

If you have an overly anxious dog that still might show aggression in the vet's office, everyone's safety needs to be considered. Muzzling your large dog or creating a small dog will keep everyone at the vet's office safer. Sometimes dogs cannot avoid stress and it is up to you to restrain them in a way that doesn't put anyone in harm's way.

Your dog's health is important, and part of this is yearly check ups to make sure they are happy and healthy. Your dog will be happier and calmer in all situations if you can make the effort up front to work through your dog's anxiety issues. Your vet is a resource and should be equipped to handle a rocky first visit to get your dog ready for smoother future visits. Contact a local vet, such as


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