Why Some Dogs Eat Feces

Posted on: 12 November 2015

Do you have a dog who eats stool? If so, you may find the habit annoying and disgusting. Dogs may eat feces as a result of underlying medical conditions, but healthy dogs may also consume fecal matter. Some dogs may only eat their own feces, but some indulge in the feces of other animals. Your dog is not a weird pooch with disgusting habits. The habit your pet is exhibiting is referred to as coprophagia in medical terms. The following suggestions can help you better understand reasons why your dog is behaving this way.


Some dogs eat feces due to underlying mental reasons. For example, your dog might decide to eat feces to get a reaction out of you or get your attention. This is a form of attention seeking. A new baby, new pet or you showing less attention to your pet could result in them trying to get your attention by eating poop.

Some dogs may also eat poop as a result of getting in trouble in the past for eating poop. For example, if a dog received punishment for pooping indoors during house training, it might attempt to cover up evidence of future pooping incidents by eating the fecal matter. Other stressful situations could also result in your dog eating feces. Residing in a kennel for a few days with other dogs is an example of a situation that could be stressful for a dog that is usually not around other animals. 

You can curb or prevent stool eating habits related to mental issues by engaging with your dog. Going for a walk or going to a pet store that allows pets to enter are examples of engaging activities. Cease using punishment for pooping incidents. Look for cues that your pet is stressed, and try to avoid subjecting them to stressful situations.


Nutritional deficiencies are the cause for some dogs consuming fecal matter. Examples of deficiencies seen in dogs who eat poop are mineral deficiencies and the lack of digestive enzymes. If your dog only consumes cooked foods, their diet may be negatively impacted. They may not have enough digestive enzymes present, which can interfere with absorption. This means that you would need to consider an alternative diet to make up for missing nutrients. You may also need to add digestive enzymes. Dogs with nutritional deficiencies may try to "find" missing nutrients in feces. 

A veterinarian is the best resource to use to determine why your dog eats feces. They can perform tests to determine if nutritional deficiencies are present, and they can also perform tests to determine if disease or parasites are causing your dog to eat feces. For more information, contact Babylon Animal Hospital or a similar location.


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