3 Signs That May Indicate Cancer In Dogs

Posted on: 16 November 2015

According to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, dogs get cancer at about the same rate as human beings. They also say that cancer accounts for half the dog deaths for dogs over the age of 10. It's possible that you may not notice that your dog is sick until it's too late. If you know the signs to look for, your dog will have a better chance of surviving. Here are three common symptoms that may indicate that your dog has cancer. All of these symptoms call for a checkup regardless of the cause.

Strange lumps and swellings:

Swellings and lumps under your pet's skin are causes for concern. Some swellings are obvious and quite visible, while others can only be detected when you're petting your dog. Your dog may, otherwise, be acting and feeling normal or may show lethargy. Like humans, dogs can also get skin cancer which will sometimes present itself as a lump or swelling. Many lumps are benign cysts or fatty tumors which are not harmful. Only a veterinarian can make an exact determination.

Lethargy and lack of appetite:

Some dogs don't present with any obvious symptoms but will begin to slow down and may eat less or nothing at all. Sometimes, this is accompanied by vomiting. This type of lethargy and lack of appetite will be pronounced and become noticeable in a relatively short time. Though many dogs slow down as they age, it is not normal for it to happen quickly. Cancer can cause these issues, but so can other diseases that can be serious.

Bad breath and unusual drooling:

Tumors in or near the mouth can cause problems with saliva flow and trap food causing a buildup in bacteria that causes bad breath. Bad breath has also been known to be a sign that a dog might have lung cancer. It could also be a digestive system issue or it could also mean that that dog needs dental care. If you've been having your dog's teeth cleaned regularly and your dog's dentist hasn't indicated anything unusual, then you might want to look into whether cancer or any other disease is causing this problem.

Cancer, if caught early, can be treated and your dog may end up living a normal life. Like human cancers, your dog has the best chance of surviving it if it's caught early. Check with your veterinarian to rule out cancer or anything else that could be causing these issues.


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