How To Confidentially Trim Your Dog's Dark-Colored Nails

Posted on: 17 November 2015

If you are apprehensive about trimming your dog's dark-colored nails yourself at home, then you will be happy to know that you can learn to safely perform this necessary task. Trimming your dog's nails regularly is important to keep them from breaking and cracking. Cracked and broken nails are painful for your dog and will damage your flooring. Well-trimmed nails are safer for your dog as well as your family members and furniture.

Trimming your dogs nails requires the following supplies:

  • a small bowl with cornstarch in it
  • a dog's nail clipping tool
  • a pair of human nail clippers (optional)

NOTE: Nail clippers that are designed for use on people should not be used to cut your dog's nails, because the blades are not the proper shape. However, a clean pair of small nail clippers can be very helpful for trimming away small splinters that are sometimes left behind from dog nail clippers.

Use this procedure to confidentially trim the dark-colored nails of your dog:

Find the Nail's Quick

To find the blood supply in your dog's nails, known as the quick, hold your dog's foot sideways so that you can see the side of the nails. From this angle, you can see the two distinct parts of the toenails. The end section is the dead toenail and the back part is the quick.

Clip the Nail's End

Once you have positively determined where the quick is located in your dog's nail, clip off the very end of the nail below where the quick ends. If you happen to nick the quick and it starts to bleed, do not panic. Dip the nail into the bowl of cornstarch and it will coagulate the blood and should stop the bleeding.

If the bleeding is severe or doesn't stop, then you need to take your dog to your veterinarian or an emergency vet clinic such as After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic Inc if it is after regular business hours.

Trim Away Small Splinters

Many of the less expensive pet nail clippers on the market do not have very sharp blades, and those that do, they often dull after you use them just a few times on your dog's nails. When the clipper's blades are not sharp enough, they will sometimes leave splinters of the sides of your dog's nails when you cut them. Removing the splinters is very important because it keeps them from causing cracks in the nail or getting caught on your home's carpeting.

The easiest way to remove the small splinters is to use a small, clean pair of human nail clippers. You can also use a small pair of manicure scissors, but they are sharp, so you need to be careful that you do not cut yourself or your dog.

For Additional Help

If you accidentally cut into your dog's quick and are unable to stop the bleeding, then you should take your dog into your local emergency veterinary clinic so that they can help your dog. If you do not feel comfortable trimming your dog's dark-colored nails, then you can take them to a groomer or your veterinarian's office and they will happily do it for you.


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