A Pet Owner's Guide To Making It Through Canine Estrous

Posted on: 18 November 2015

Lock up the male dogs in the neighborhood and get ready to brace yourself for a frustrating experience—your female dog is in heat and she just might make you a little crazy before it's all said and done. Trying to keep a girl canine contained when she is dealing with canine estrous is easily one of the more trying things you will ever face as a pet owner. Here is a little information you will want to know about canine estrous to prevent you from losing your patience.

Your canine can't really help peeing so much.

Five trips on the leash in just a few hours and Ms. Fido is still wagging her tail and scratching at the door like she has to pee. This symptom just comes along with the territory and your dog really can't help the fact that she feels the need to urinate more often. When the female dog's starts her cycle, she will swell, which puts more pressure on her bladder and kidneys. The good news: this stage in estrous will likely only last a few days.

Bleeding will not last the entire duration of the estrous cycle.

A dog's estrous cycle has varying phases, the first of which is proestrous and is marked by vaginal bleeding and discharge. You may find blood spots where your dog usually sleeps and she may even discharge enough that you find drips on the floor. This phase of estrous typically lasts about ten days, not the entire duration of the cycle, which can be as long as three weeks. During this time, you will probably want to consider doggie diapers or panties, which have a disposable liner inside that can be changed when necessary.

Remind yourself, this only happens twice a year.

Thank your lucky stars that canines are not like cats when it comes to estrous cycles. Cats can come in heat almost continuously until they are bred, but dogs usually only see canine estrous about twice every year. So even if you feel like you are ready to pull your hair out, keep pushing through and soon you and your dog will have an extended break from the bothersome symptoms.

If you have a female dog, having her spayed is the easiest way to make sure that you never have to deal with the frustrations that can come along with the estrous cycle. Talk to a veterinarian, like Caring Hands Animal Hospital, to find out more about how to handle the estrous cycle symptoms.


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