4 Tips On What To Do In A Flood With Your Dog

Posted on: 15 June 2016

Flooding can affect any community at almost any time throughout the year, and when it does, some people may only have minutes to escape a torrent of water coming down the street. This will not be the time to decide what you are going to do with the family dog. You need to prepare a plan ahead of time before you are faced with a flood emergency – especially if you live in an area with a history of flooding. If you are going to preplan your household for a flood emergency, here are 4 tips you can use when developing a plan for your dog.


Your dog is going to be as nervous and upset as most of your other family members when a flood emergency occurs and they might be hard to control. The best thing to do to keep your dog under control is to place it in a cage to take with you as you evacuate your home. You should always keep the cage in an accessible spot so you can grab it in a hurry. Do not store the cage in low areas of the house like the basement that can flood quickly or your access to it could get cut off.

Safe Place

Sometimes, flood waters rise so fast that you may not have the ability to walk or carry a dog through the raging surge. In this case, you'll probably have to leave your dog behind in your home. You should plan on taking your dog to the highest area of the house and leave it with at least several days' worth of water and food.

Rescue Sign

You should have a premade sign ready to alert would-be rescuers passing by to the presence of your dog in the home.  A white sheet painted with the words "Dog Inside" will work just fine. Have nails and a hammer nearby so you can put the sign up quickly. The rescuers might be able to get your dog to a safer location.

Contact Emergency Shelters

Many communities, especially in flood prone ones, will usually have designated emergency shelters where people can go in the face of a serious flood. You should know beforehand where these shelters are located so you and your family know where to find a safe haven, but you should contact those responsible for operating the shelter to make sure you can bring your dog with you. Some shelters will usually be for humans only, but some might let you bring your dog. You should know which shelters are pet-friendly and which are not, and how to get to the one you want to go to. An animal hospital that offers boarding services, like Marcum Road Animal Hospital, may also be able to take in your dog.


Keeping Your Pets Healthy

After I started staying home full time instead of working, I realized that my pets weren't as healthy as I thought they were. They basically laid around the house all day, and I started growing increasingly concerned about their well-being. I wanted to know more about their health, so I visited a veterinarian in my area. He gave me a few really good tips on reducing their caloric intake and encouraging exercise. Now, I can say that my dogs are truly healthy and energetic. This blog is all about keeping your pets healthy so that you can continue to enjoy their company.