Why Cats With Kidney Disease Shouldn't Be Given Table Scraps

Posted on: 6 July 2016

It's natural to want to treat your kitty to something special, which often means sharing your food with them. Normally, cats can be given certain human foods with no problem, like meat or some vegetables. However, if your cat has been diagnosed with kidney disease, it's important to stop this habit at once. Read on to learn why cats with kidney disease shouldn't be given table scraps and what you can do instead.

Kidney Disease Implications

When a cat develops kidney disease, their body has to work harder in order to process toxins out of their bloodstream. With kidney disease, the kidneys don't work at full efficiency, making it more likely that toxins will build up in the blood while the kidneys struggle to keep up. This can be mitigated somewhat by giving your cat subdermal fluids and placing them on a special kidney disease diet, but there's no cure.

Table Scraps

The problem with table scraps is that most human food that's shared with cats falls under two categories: protein and sodium. Human food contains much more sodium than cat food does in order to make it taste good, and you're probably likely to want to share portions of your meat with your cat.

When a cat is healthy, their body can usually tolerate the excessive levels of sodium and it utilizes the protein to maintain strong muscles. Unfortunately, cats with kidney disease aren't so lucky. Your cat's kidneys are responsible for filtering out excessive sodium and protein from the blood and ejecting it from their body in the form of urine. If their kidneys are weakened or sick, they may not be able to properly do this, meaning their body's sodium levels will rise and protein deposits may form in the kidneys. This can cause illness, kidney stones, or crystals may develop in their urine.


Just because your cat has kidney disease doesn't mean you can't treat them. Talk to your veterinarian about selecting a brand of kitty treats that are low in protein and sodium and high in moisture content. Kidney disease-safe treats are usually very soft and palatable to kitties, so your cat will still be happy without table scraps.

Caring for a cat with kidney disease requires some work, but it's possible for your cat to live a long and comfortable life with this illness. Skip the table scraps and stick to special kitty treats to keep your cat healthy and pampered.


Keeping Your Pets Healthy

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